Power Services

  • Utilities can join NRU Power Services (formally known as NEMS/NESC/NIES) to access non-BPA power supply and wholesale power markets
  • We’ve been making non-BPA power supply accessible to Load Following customers since 2009
  • We have strong relationships with marketers and resource developers and work on your behalf to find the deal you want
  • We take care of all the back-office duties – credit monitoring, billing and invoicing, contract negotiation
  • We arrange transmission to deliver the non-federal power to your load and we work with Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) to resolve any delivery issues
  • We offer an array of services to members, grouped into Advocacy and Power Services
  • As part of our Advocacy services, you get one-to-one help from our expert staff on any issue related to BPA Power and Transmission
  • Go beyond advocacy issues by electing into NRU Power Services where we acquire and manage power and transmission based on your needs and provide other support services

Combined, NRU Power Services represents 1,059 average megawatts (aMW) of Tier 1 Load and 1,259 average aMW of Total Retail Load.

Members retain their BPA Power and Transmission contracts

22 Members in 4 States

big bend logo

Big Bend Electric Cooperative, Inc.

burley logo

City of Burley

central lincoln logo

Central Lincoln PUD

Centralia logo

Centralia City Light

City of cheney logo

City of Cheney

columbia rea logo

Columbia REA

columbia river pud logo

Columbia River PUD

forest grove logo

City of Forest Grove

heyburn logo

City of Heyburn

idaho county light and power logo

Idaho County Light & Power

inland power logo

Inland Power & Light Company

kootenai electric logo

Kootenai Electric Cooperative Copy

lower valley energy logo

Lower Valley Energy

mason county pud logo

Mason County PUD No. 3

northern wasco pud logo

Northern Wasco County PUD

richland logo

City of Richland

city of rupert logo

City of Rupert

tanner electric logo

Tanner Electric Cooperative

united electric logo

United Electric Cooperative

vera water and power logo

Vera Water and Power

wells rural electric logo

Wells Rural Electric Company

whatcom county pud logo

Whatcom County PUD No. 1

States Ultimate Flexibility & Local Control

  • Members make their own purchase decisions while still benefitting from economies of scale
  • No member takes on the risk of another members’ purchase decisions

Member-Held Contracts Equal Optionality

  • Members don’t have to fit into a “one size fits all” when it comes to their BPA contracts
  • This will be especially critical for future Regional Dialogues and Post 2028 contract decision points, where BPA customers can choose between different Tier Two Rate options and contract types