11/06/2020 Portland Update

NRU Welcomes New Member – McMinnville Water and Light!

Earlier this week McMinnville Water and Light officially became the 55th member of NRU. McMinnville will be represented on the NRU Board by John Dietz, General Manager. We have gotten to know John and McMinnville’s Power Resource Manager, Jaime Phillips, and both bring many years of experience, a deep skill set and strong enthusiasm for public power. Please join us in welcoming McMinnville Water and Light to NRU.

McMinnville is joining NRU because of our collaborative and measured approach to working through policy issues with BPA and our unrelenting advocacy for Load Following customers. By joining, the McMinnville receives all the benefits and value of being an NRU member while at the same time increasing our scale and strengthening our voice with BPA and others in the region.

BP-22 Transmission Losses Settlement Update

As discussed at the NRU Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, Bonneville has proposed a BP-22 rate case settlement package that would address several issues related to the treatment of transmission losses. The NRU Board passed a motion instructing staff to inform Bonneville, by the November 13 deadline, that NRU does not contest the proposed settlement package.

Discussions on the settlement are ongoing. During a conference call on Wednesday afternoon, some Bonneville transmission customers expressed skepticism and asked hard questions, but no party has yet expressed outright opposition. Bonneville defended the settlement and expressed no interest in negotiating revisions.

If a party or parties do end up opposing the settlement, it is unlikely to go forward and resolution of transmission losses issues will revert to the BP-22 rate case process. NRU will retain all rights to fully litigate transmission losses issues in the rate case. We believe that we have a strong case to present and that Bonneville will be very supportive of positions that benefit NRU members.

BPA Rate Case Timeline

As discussed during the NRU Board meeting this week, the BP-22 and TC-22 proceedings will begin in early December. The current schedule calls for the Federal Register Notice to be posted December 1 and the Initial Proposal and proposed rates to be posted on December 7.

As is our normal practice, NRU will intervene as a rate case party. BPA will distribute to utilities their Rate Individual Models (RIMs) the week of December 14th. The direct case is due in early February, so we will hold webinar(s) before then to share BPA’s Initial Proposal and NRU’s staff analysis and proposed response for Board guidance. The final rates and Records of Decision will be released in late July.

The graphic below depicts the key milestones of the rate case and where planned NRU meetings occur during the process. Webinars will be timed appropriately to share rate case analysis and seek board feedback between scheduled meetings.

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