10/30/2020 Portland Update

Public Power Presentation to NWPCC Power Committee on EE Goals and 2021 Power Plan

On behalf of public power, Megan Stratman and Michael Deen (PPC) requested to present directly to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council (NWPCC) Power Committee regarding the development of the 2021 Power Plan and energy efficiency (EE) goals.

As you will recall, NRU and PPC have jointly submitted written comments twice and participated in the Conservation Resource Advisory Committee (CRAC) meetings to voice our concerns with NWPCC staff’s proposal, specifically that the 2021 Power Plan state a programmatic EE target for BPA and have toyed with the idea of providing funding guidelines or requirements to BPA. We wanted to ensure the NWPCC Power Committee, which consists of 4 of the 8 Council members, heard directly from us on this issue.

We presented earlier this month (our presentation is attached). These were our main points:

  • Public power is committed to acquiring EE, as clearly demonstrated by our aMW savings and financial investments.

  • There is a distinction between the Council and the Power Plans as planners and BPA and utilities as implementers.

  • Power planning is inherently uncertain – this is true for EE acquisitions, just as it is for load forecasting and acquiring generating resources. A single point EE target ignores this inherent uncertainty.

  • Public power bears all costs, risks and benefits in acquiring EE. Public power utilities are locally governed by democratically-elected boards and take seriously their responsibility to provide reliable and affordable power to their consumers.

  • Our vision for the 2021 Power Plan is to provide insight (not oversight) to regional utilities as they acquire resources, including EE.

We will follow up with written comments (again) submitted to the Power Committee re-emphasizing the points we made during our presentation earlier this month.

BP-22 and TC-22 Update

In addition to the information contained in the Board packet materials yesterday, here are two additional pieces of information BPA just shared. These both will be discussed during next week’s meeting and we will seek Board guidance on them:

  • Regarding its financial health issues, BPA stated that the Initial Proposal will include revenue financing at some level for both Power and Transmission rates.

  • In response to advocacy led by NRU, working with PPC, BPA will propose a partial settlement regarding transmission losses. BPA will share the proposed settlement later today. Based on our previous conversations with BPA, we expect the proposed settlement to be highly favorable to NRU members (and actually to all customers and BPA itself – a rare win/win/win for all). We will bring the proposed settlement to the Board meeting next week for discussion and possible action.

BPA Kicks Off EIM Implementation Effort

BPA has officially begun to transition into the Energy Imbalance Market implementation rollout. It’s fair to say that this is probably about as far into the IT weeds and “nuts and bolts” as you can get (or would ever want to go!). Our initial read is that the actual EIM implementation itself will not have specific, direct impacts to the NRU membership unless you anticipate your utility actively bidding a generating resource into the EIM market in the foreseeable future. This is unlikely as the number of expected non-federal resource participants can be counted on one hand. All that said, this process is worth keeping an eye on given BPA’s not-so-great history of cost control when it comes to IT projects. It’s also important to watch how staff and resources are deployed towards EIM implementation, as EIM has often been used as a rationale for delaying other IT and grid modernization projects that are important to customers.

Invitation to Upcoming Forth Utility EV Convening: Thursday November 19th, 1:00-2:30 PM PST

Forth is convening the PNW utility stakeholders to discuss various programs, opportunities, challenges, and strategies for transportation electrification. 

Forth will highlight programs, opportunities, challenges, and strategies for transportation electrification across Oregon and Washington, with engaging presentations and interactive breakout sessions. Open to all utilities, the aim is to focus on content that is relevant to public utilities of the Pacific Northwest. Agenda:

  • Overview of the Bonneville Environmental Foundations’ Zero Emission Vehicle Innovation grant awards, presented by Tomas Endicott, BEF

  • Introduction to the Electric Tractor Demonstration Project, presented by Erin Galiger, Forth

  • Representatives from 3-4 OR/WA utilities will provide an overview of their transportation electrification initiatives

  • Breakout / Open Floor Sessions

Please follow this link to register for the event.

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