08/07/2020 Portland Update

Feedback Requested on the August NRU Meeting Format and Duration

We want to extend our sincere appreciation to everyone who attended the board meeting this week. We covered a significant amount of detailed material and your attention and feedback is crucial to our ability to represent your interests with BPA. The virtual environment has allowed us to continue with our normal meeting cadence and content while we safely weather the pandemic together. That said, it appears very likely we will again utilize the virtual environment for our November meeting due to continued growth of COVID-19 cases in Multnomah County. 

Given the expectation that our November meeting will almost certainly be held virtually, we are asking for your feedback on the duration and content of the August meeting. Please let us know if you felt the overall meeting duration, the content in terms of topics and time spent on each and the guest speaker were effective and appropriate for the virtual format. We appreciate your input and will continue to evolve and adapt as an organization, just as all of our members have during this pandemic.

NRU and PPC Comments – 2021 Power Plan EE Target

As discussed at the Board meeting this week, attached are the comments NRU and PPC jointly submitted to the staff at the Northwest Power and Conservation Council regarding their proposal to add granularity to the energy efficiency targets in the 2021 Power Plan (a specific target for BPA and a programmatic savings target for BPA). We encourage you to use the points we made in these comments in your conversations with your Council members.

Proposed Comments – RHWM Process

As discussed at the Board meeting this week, NRU staff plans to submit comments in response to the BP-22 RHWM Process. Comments will include references to the bulleted items below. Please review and let us know by August 13th if you have any feedback or concerns with this list. Comments are due August 19th.

  • Concern over the continued degradation to the carbon-free, reliable and affordable hydro system

  • Concern over the lack of transparency and lack of responsiveness to requests for more information in this process

  • Regarding extension of augmentation for New Tribal Utilities (as defined in the TRM as a tribal utility where service from BPA commenced after FY 2000) – BPA should affirmatively commit to hold a public process to change the TRM upon request by a New Tribal Utility to increase its CHWM, subject to the 40 aMW cap for New Tribal Utilities and 250 aMW cap for New Public Utilities, per the TRM.

Tier 1 System Level Over Time

As requested during the Board meeting, below are some charts that show the degradation of the Tier 1 system over time. These charts are from BPA’s August 4th RHWM Process workshop.

This chart shows the changes to the Tier 1 System Firm Critical Output since 2012:

This chart shows the changes to generation due to changes in spill operations, for both 1937 critical water (which is the basis of the Tier 1 system) and 80-year average water.

The associated footnotes are available on slide 25.

NRU and PPC comments on 7-17 EE target w
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