07/10/2020 Portland Update

Reminder - NIU and NRU Meeting Dates and Times

We are holding the next quarterly NIU and NRU meetings on August 5th, at the usual start times of 7:30 for NIU and 9:00 for NRU. Both meetings will be virtual attendance only but will be the same duration as previous in-person meetings; one hour for NIU and three hours for NRU.

The NIU meeting will feature guests from BPA assembled to hear NIU member input on the importance of the irrigation discount to their utilities and communities they serve. The NRU meeting will feature updates from staff on important BPA processes, NRU Post-2028 efforts, and a visit from BPA’s Vice President of Northwest Requirements Marketing, Kim Thompson.

BPA/Public Power Carbon Forum – Monday, July 13

The next BPA/Public Power Carbon Forum meeting will be on Monday, July 13th from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm Pacific. The agenda and webinar information are below. We especially encourage you to listen to BPA’s discussion on their “single system mix” as this will be a key topic in the coming years (this agenda item will begin at 3:30 pm).

There will be no carbon forum in August. Please let us know of topics you would like for future carbon forums resuming in September.


  • 2:30 – Washington State’s CETA

  • Recent and upcoming opportunities for comments

  • Takeaways of rulemaking and legislative process

  • 3:30 (time certain) – BPA’s Single System Mix – presentation by BPA legal


Meeting number (access code): 199 234 6457

Meeting password: 3BvWPpeg5?5


+1-415-527-5035 US Toll

Access code: 199 234 6457

Recording and Notes from This Week’s BP-22 Webinar

Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in our webinar this week on BP-22 rate case issues. A recording of the webinar is available here. Below is a summary of the feedback we heard from members on Wednesday; please see the previously distributed slide deck (reattached) for background information on these topics. Please share any additional thoughts or questions on these issues with Megan ( and Blake (

  • Topic: Changing the Rate Design of Secondary Revenues

  • General support for exploring possible changes – rate stability is of high importance, without creating immediate rate pressures

  • Need to look into possible changes to the Financial Reserves Policy lower and upper thresholds, such as removing the FRP Surcharge and providing more known access to excess reserves

  • Topic: Service to NLSLs

  • Support staff’s recommendation to discontinue efforts on this topic

  • Topic: Transmission Losses

  • Support staff’s proposed package deal on slide 25, with one modification (instead of expressly supporting in-kind returns 168 hours, we will support general “in-kind” loss returns, request further discussion on the relative merits of 168 hours vs. concurrent, and observe that concurrent returns would further diminish uncompensated use of the FCRPS)

  • Topic: IPR Comments

  • Support staff’s proposal on slide 32, with the following additions;

  • Strong support for IPR2 next spring to consider budget revisions once we have a better understanding of COVID-19’s lasting economic impacts

  • Emphasize need for Transmission to be reliable and responsive, but note its assumed inflationary rate of 2.5% is too high

  • Reiterate NRU’s comments previously submitted to the NW Power and Conservation Council for them to keep their budgets flat (no inflation)

  • Topic: Success in the BP-22 Rate Case

  • Lots of uncertainty in the short-term due to COVID-19

  • We need to do what we can to keep rates flat while keeping BPA healthy

Don’t Forget - General Resource Investigation 101 Webinar Next Week: Tuesday, July 14th, 1-2:30pm Pacific

This webinar will provide an educational background to all NRU members, preparing you for the updates on the 2020 GRI work that we will share at the August NRU Board meeting.

Webinar Information: Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.

(For supported devices, tap a one-touch number below to join instantly.)

United States: +1 (224) 501-3412

- One-touch: tel:+12245013412,,195673685#

Access Code: 195-673-685

NRU Comments on BPA’s June BP-22 Rate Case Workshops

Consistent with the direction we received during Wednesday’s webinar, NRU has submitted comments to BPA in response to their June 23-24 rate case workshops. Below is a summary of the comments (attached):

  • Rate case workshop schedule – encouraged BPA to provide sufficient time for us to deeply engage in these issues

  • Transmission losses – proposed the “package proposal” discussed on Wednesday, with the modification described above

  • Secondary revenues rate design – submitted comments consistent with member feedback as summarized above

  • Technical requirements for Non-Participating Resources in the EIM – expressed appreciation to BPA for clarifying that these requirements apply only to resources that are 3 MW or greater. Note: if you have a resource in BPA’s BAA, review the technical requirements (see slide 80 here) and be sure you’re staying in communication with your AE. Reach out to Blake ( if you need any help with this!

Transfer Study Update

Since the last NRU board meeting, we have taken significant steps to mobilize on an updated regional transfer service cost benefit analysis. The purpose of the study is to demonstrate the value of transfer service to the region and not only better position NRU’s members served by transfer for the post 2028 contract negotiations but use it to educate and inform current BPA staff on the importance of transfer service.

Thus far, we have been successful in bringing PNGC to collaborate on the study and provide funding as well. We will be partnering with their staff to oversee and manage the study. We are still in the process of finding a consultant to complete the nuts and bolts of the study, but we have been able to recruit two individuals to participate on a study oversight committee—Joe Rogers and Aleka Scott. Many of you know Joe Rogers, who served as the BPA transfer service manager during Regional Dialogue contract negotiations and is considered one of the foremost experts on transfer service. Aleka worked at PNGC for several decades and is an expert on transfer from the customer perspective. We are very excited to have them participating in this project and providing their input.

NRU comments on June workshops_7-10-20
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BP-22 Rate Case Update NRU webinar_7-8_f
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