06/26/2020 Portland Update

Northwest Energy Management Services (NEMS) Hires Senior Analyst We are excited to announce that Jarek Oliver will be joining NEMS in the position of Senior Analyst. Jarek has spent the last four years working as an economist in BPA’s Power Rates organization. During that time, he played a lead role in many high-profile rates projects such as BPA’s current capacity cost methodology, modeling the valuation of BPA’s system capacity, and the agency’s long-term rate competitiveness assessment, just to name a few. Jarek holds an economics degree and a minor in mathematics from Portland State University.

The addition of Jarek to NEMS strengthens the entire NRU family of organizations as we continue to evolve to serve members’ needs in our rapidly changing operating environment. Jarek brings a tremendous skillset and will provide immediate value to the membership. He was able to transition quickly and will start his new role with us on July 1st. Jarek can be reached via email to Please join us in welcoming him to the family!

Mark Your Calendars for Two Important NRU Webinars in July There are many important issues swirling here in Portland and we would like to connect with you to discuss them prior to our August Board meeting. Below are the topics and dates for two webinars; materials and webinar/phone information will be distributed in advance:

  • Webinar #1: BP-22 rate case issues – Wednesday, July 8th, 9am-noon Pacific

We are in the thick of pre rate case workshops on key BP-22 rates issues, such as revising the NR rate, changes to how secondary revenues credited to the Tier 1 rate are treated, and there are finally some proposals related to EIM and balancing reserves pricing and cost allocation. At this webinar, we will share current progress and ideas on these issues and seek your feedback. Please plan to attend or at least review the materials and send your feedback to us prior to the webinar.

  • Webinar #2: Background on NRU/NEMS Joint General Resource Investigation (GRI) for Post-2028 – Tuesday, July 14th, 1-2:30pm Pacific

At the last NRU Board meeting, the Board agreed to jointly fund and participate in the General Resource Investigation (GRI) that NEMS conducts every two years. The GRI will explore various power supply options in the post-2028 world, including different amounts of BPA power versus non-federal power options, and will show forecast snapshots-in-time of potential wholesale power costs for each NRU member under different scenarios. This webinar will provide an educational background to all NRU members, preparing you for the updates on the 2020 GRI work that we will share at the August NRU Board meeting.

We understand many of you are experiencing webinar fatigue from operational changes caused by COVID-19. Please remember that we discussed using webinars to more deeply engage with members and make the best use of limited quarterly meeting time prior to the pandemic and the changes it has forced on all our business practices.

NRU and PPC Submit Comments Opposing NW Power Council’s Proposed FY 2022 Budget

Attached are the comments NRU and PPC jointly submitted in response to the NW Power and Conservation Council’s proposed FY 2022 budget, which increased the budget by 2.5% compared to FY 2021. Our comments push back strongly on the increase, pointing to the enormous efforts undertaken by BPA and its generating partners to hold their budgets flat compared to BP-20, which meant absorbing $63M in inflation. We asked the Council to either hold their FY 2022 budget flat, or even better, find reductions.

Suspension of Financial Reserves Policy (FRP) Surcharge for Remainder of BP-20

As we informed via email yesterday, there were no objections submitted to the uncontested rate case to suspend the FRP surcharge for the remainder of BP-20. This means BPA will file the Final Record of Decision at FERC on Monday so the suspension can begin as early as July 1, allowing the rate relief to begin on the July bill you receive in August. This was a major accomplishment and will keep $39M in public power’s local communities over the balance of the rate period.

.NRU Council Budget Comments June 202

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