04/24/2020 Portland Update

BPA Rate Case Workshop Schedule Unchanged

BPA has decided to not change the BP-22/TC-22/EIM rate case workshop schedule leading up to the Initial Proposal that will be released this November. The cadence of 2-3 meetings per month will continue as planned. All BPA processes are starting to ramp up as we prepare for the start of the BP-22/TC-22 proceedings later this year – tune into the May NRU Board meeting to hear all about them!

NIU\NRU Meeting Update

We wanted to clarify the disposition of our quarterly meetings scheduled for May. The NIU meeting has been cancelled for May and the next meeting will be held on August 5th, according to the original schedule for 2020. Our BPA guests, Scott Wilson and Daniel Fisher, who were scheduled for the May meeting have agreed to be featured at the August meeting instead. This schedule assumes Oregon allows public meetings by August.

The May NRU meeting will be held on May 6th, as originally scheduled. However, the meeting will be virtual only. Start time is still 9:00 am but we are trying to limit the duration to approximately two and a half hours to avoid webinar fatigue. We will distribute a final agenda and call in information with meeting materials next week.

NRU and PPC Jointly Submit Comments in Support of BPA’s Resource Program

As summarized in the March 27, 2020 Portland Update, BPA has completed its 2020 Resource Program, with a “light refresh” to the 2018 Resource Program. BPA plans to conduct a full Resource Program every 4 years, with a light refresh every two years. This is a key outcome to public power’s 3-pronged proposal for BPA to set its own energy efficiency goal, instead of using 42% of the Council’s regional EE goal. NRU and PPC jointly submitted comments (attached) strongly supporting BPA’s continued use and updating of the Resource Program. By analyzing BPA’s own needs and resources, it can more efficiently plan how to serve its customers’ needs.

Release of Draft 2021 Power Plan Delayed

The NW Power and Conservation Council announced that the release of the draft 2021 Power Plan (aka 8th Power Plan) will now occur in February 2021 instead of in November 2020. The planned release for the final Plan is now May/June 2021 instead of spring 2021.

Columbia River Treaty Power Group

This topic continues to be important to NRU and the region. The topic also continues to be difficult to report on due to the necessity to keep discussions within the group confidential. The group met yesterday, and it was shared that the State Department remains engaged and has made an initial offer to Canada. Unfortunately, the details of the offer are unknown. We are collectively trying to piece together what was in the offer to ensure State is adequately representing the value of Canadian operations to the US in this offer and subsequent negotiations. In a concurrent effort, the Power Group is rallying around the idea of commissioning a study to analyze current river operating dynamics, market prices and capacity needs to put a price tag on the Canadian Entitlement that is more representative of the value of Canadian efforts in today’s operating environment.

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