Northwest Irrigation Utilities, Inc. (NIU) was formed in 1985, as a non- profit corporation.  NIU is a trade association of rural electric utilities that rely upon the Bonneville Power Administration as their primary or exclusive provider of power and transmission services.  NIU represents the interests of its members that have significant agriculturally based electrical loads, thereby allowing these utilities to remain competitive by providing affordable and attractive wholesale rates for electricity from BPA. The 19 members are located in Idaho, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, northern California, Western Montana, and Nevada. 


Mission Statement

NIU shall represent the interests of its members that have significant agriculturally based electrical loads to allow them to remain viable and offer competitive rates to their customers by:

  • Identifying the lowest cost, dependable and predictably priced power supply to serve irrigation loads.

  • Preserving access to the transmission and delivery of power that is economically priced to lower density systems.

  • Serving as an advocate for members in dealing with their primary power supplier to achieve adequate supply, rates and services that promote stability.

  • Supporting BPA efforts to remain our competitive power supplier of choice.




Rollie Miller, President
Vigilante Electric Coop


Jo Elg, Vice President
United Electric Cooperative Inc.


Jeff Davis, Secretary
Wasco Electric Coop



Mike Bradshaw
Benton REA


Yvette M. Armstrong
Big Bend Electric Coop


Thomas Wolff
Columbia Basin Electric Coop


Troy Cox
Columbia Power Coop


Scott Peters
Columbia REA


Fred Flippence
Harney Electric Coop


Gale Rettkowski
Inland Power & Light


Jim Smith
Klickitat County PUD


Brad Gamett
Lost River Electric


Dave Schneider
Midstate Electric Coop


Jean Matt
Mission Valley Power


Dan Simpson
Nespelem Valley Electric Coop


Les Penning
Oregon Trail Electric Coop


Jared Teeter
South Side Electric Coop


Brad Kresge
Surprise Valley Electric


Clay Fitch
Wells Rural Electric Coop